Remixing El Presidio

Milestone 1

University of California, Berkeley Anthropology 136e, Summer 2008

Residential fieldschool in Digital (New Media) Documentation and Representation of Cultural Heritage

“New Media and Interpretive Trails at the San Francisco Presidio”

Milestone 1 – Getting to Know Geo-Temporal Image Methods

Working in teams of 2, capture several points of interest in one of the information zones using the Nokia N95 Phone-Camera-GPS instruments. Download the images, rename, upload to Flickr to produce geo-temporally tagged media. Fill out the media log sheet in Google Docs with the additional metadata to complete the record for each image. Finally, map the images on in Google and Flickr Maps.

Project areas are divided into ‘Information Zones.’ You will be instructed on which is which and where.

After receiving your N95 and giving it an instrument ID, familiarize yourself with its functions and take a few pictures to make sure you are comfortable. Upload the test images to see if they come into Flickr, complete with geo tags.

Then, working with a partner, you will identify several points of interest within an assigned ‘information zone.’ The idea is to document key points that would be of interest to someone on an informational tour of our project area. Each team member will work on two points, and take a minimum of 4 pictures each per point (that’s 8 each).

Back in the lab, download the images to your project folder on your machine, or a lab machine. Use the following folder structure:






Log sheet: Make a copy of the log sheet template in Google Docs. Fill out the log sheet for your images, and the sheet will provide your new file names automagically.

Renaming files: Using the following convention for file naming:

PROJECT CODE + instrument + date + increment + extension



Uploading files: Upload the files to Flickr using the Flickr Uploader. Be sure to add appropriate tags (Subject), change the Title and add Descriptions. Make sure the images are geo-tagged. Check the date and time (make sure your camera phone has the correct date and time BEFORE shooting…).

Mapping: Now that the images are loaded to your account, share them with the Remixing El Presidio group. Map the images (should be automatically done), following the advice and instructions provided by Nancy and Cinzia.

We’ll work together to take your media and make our first tour, a draft of the Informational tour for our REP project.

Student Projects

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Jason's West Long Beach - Memory Map
Memory Map - Agoura Hills
Melkonian Educational Institute


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